Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sometimes you have to go through rainstorms to get the benefits of rainbows.

A pretty wicked thunderstorm rolled through Alvaton last night. Around midnight the sky was lit by the cracks of lightening and the thunder ripped through the air. I love a thunderstorm--it is a joy to me to sit out on the front porch and watch it roll through. Noah,however, does not share my joy in storms. In fact, his anxiety about storms can be at times a bit overwhelming. As the storm settled over our house,I could not get to sleep.I opened our windows so I could hear the pitter pat of the hard rain hitting the siding as it blew from the side into the house. I decided to go ahead and get out of bed. I woke Noah and asked if he wanted to sit out with me on the front porch to watch the storm. He was conflicted in sitting out on the porch during the storm, but the desire to be up out of bed and on a bit of adventure beat out any fears he was feeling. We cuddled up in the wicker seats and wrapped in a sheet to keep the wind from giving us too much of a chill. I sat there holding my boy who is getting too big to sit in my lap in the midst of a storm and began to think how it was not so long ago that same little boy would barely take up the space of an arm. I thought how in the not so distant future the idea of sitting in his mom's lap would seem a bit too small for him, though he assures me that even if he is 62 if I want him to he will cuddle up on my lap. Holding him there, I thought of the imagery of me holding on to my boy in the midst of the storm and how I hoped always to be able to hold his heart in the storms of life that face him. I thought of how that is what being home is...sitting in the arms of the embrace of the people who love you the most when just feet away there is lightening and thunder and a storm falling hard.

I hope that there will always be a sense of security in the midst of life's storms. Several weeks ago after a spring shower while we were at the soccer fields two large rainbows formed one under the other over the fields. You could see the bows each touch the ground on the left and the right. It was amazing. We chatted last night about how amazing a sight to see not one but two full bows. Noah then stated, "I guess you have to deal with a storm to get the benefits of seeing the rainbows." Oh to have learned such a lesson at 9. May he write that wisdom on his heart and may it bring him comfort when he is in the midst of his own storms. May he always be seeking the beauty of the rainbow as the rain clears.

Last night will be engrained on my heart forever. What a blessing to have such a son. What a joy to sit and hold him during the storms.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poor Me post 2

So it is Tuesday morning and I am using my oh so not useful meditating skills to try to keep from scratching my arms, legs, torso. This is day 11 of the Poison Ivy fiasco of 09. I thought last week, I could not be anymore miserable...that will teach me to make a challenge to the misery monsters! Saturday I was so frustrated because I was seemingly becoming one large patch of poison ivy itchiness. So I called around to a few friends who have experienced this lovely itchiness and took suggestions for topical creams to I discovered last week hydrocordisone and calamine--not helpful. So I got Benadryl cream and a neat little menthol enhanced number called stop ivy or some other clever name. I decided to try the stop ivy first. It said it worked on contact. If working on contact means that you smell as if you took a bath in Vick's vaper rub and that your arms would feel like they stop itching only because they were now burning...then well it worked. However, if you were looking for something to sooth the itch...not so much. Wait three hours. Now I am going to try the Benadryl cream. I ooze it out and onto my arms. Feels good. But what is this? My arms, fingers, hands, and ears are swelling and burning. I am now covered from head to toe is hives (which are causing my itching to itch.) My wrists are so swolen my hands look like barbie hands attached to Cabbage Patch Kid arms. You know how if your skin gets stretched really far out, it sort of itches. It is the triple whammy of poison ivy, stretch swolen skin and hives!! Sunday morning I insist Nate take me to urgent care. I am the fifth person in that morning with Poison Ivy issues (it is 9:00 a.m.)

When I finally get back to see the doctor she states, you have the worst case of poison ivy I have seen all year--me and my overacheiving ways!--and thinks that I not only am having an allergic reaction (she is not sure if it is to the antihistamine creams or the toxins of the ivy), but that I have earned a notable infection in all this mess. So one shot in the buttocks, a rx for an antihistamine, a steroid treatment, and amoxicillan and I am out the door. Nate brings me home and then is off to the pharmacy and Walmart to get replacement pillows (Could have ivy oil on them--not taking chances!) and the rx. Once he is home I pop all the pills one at a time in 15 minute increments. I am still a bit worried about antihistamine being the reason for the allergy break out. I start with the rx antihistamine...sure enough within 20 minutes I am swollen even more, my face is a lovely purple color, I am covered with even more hives and I am ready to just peel off my own skin.

After a call to the doctor, I am advised not to take anymore antihistamine (ya think?) and to just stick with the steroids and the antibiotic.

So there you go...a happy memorial day weekend! I am feeling about 80% better today. Not having the hives and swelling gets me back to what I thought was jusy plain miserable last week, the ivy itching. THe steroids are drying out the patches so I feel like I am going to be back to normal in the next few days.

I asked Nate if I could get a pass on all things yardwork for the rest of the year? He just laughed and said, "Yeah right." I am taking that as a NO.

Leaves of three.....let it be.....may that be your mantra!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I have poison ivy or oak or something. I am miserable. I am ready to just pull the skin off my arms and hands so the iching will stop. Calamine lotion is useless, hydrocortisone is a joke. UGH! Poor me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear Noah, Macy and Molly,

There are no words to express to you how much I love being your Mom. As I have watched you today I am reminded there is no job more worthy, more important, or more fulfilling than being your Mom. I learn daily from you and find such joy in your little movements of life. I am constantly astounded in the faith and trust you place in me. I know you will realize so soon just how flawed I am, but for now I will strive to live up to what you believe me to be. Thank you for loving me and I praise God for the gifts you are in my life.

I love you forever and ever.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bathroom Redo FINISHED!

It took a mere five months, but the bathroom Nate and I share is finished. (Well by finished I mean I am moving on to another project and will revisit it later when I have the budget to add crown moulding.)

A few pics to show it off~!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Confessions

This week I have been a total bum. It is our first official week of summer vacation and I have embraced the nothing to do spirit by doing NOTHING. Yesterday I awoke with a horrible headache and so this was my permission slip to do nothing. My confession: I laid on the couch all day and watched an America's Next Top Model season. What a goofy show. These girls are ridiculous.

A quick Happy Birthday to Adam Wilcoxson. He is a bright spot in our lives and we are so happy to call him a friend. Happy Birthday buddy. We love you!

Happy Wednesday!