Monday, April 6, 2009

Starting Over

It is probably a bit telling of my lack of attention to my blogger site that I could not remember the address to get to the blog. So in the spirit of fresh starts, I have started a new blog--I have actually written down the blog address AND the password in a place I can find tomorrow. I am a writer--or at least I fancy myself one. I write everyday. Mostly I write for myself. The written word is easier to think through--there is less traffic on paper and computer screens than in my often congested head. I write what I am thinking about in the moment. In the past, as I have written in the moment I have found myself in trouble with those who want to assign my momentary thoughts into permanent record. However, if you could see the things I write as the rough sculpting of ideas--sometimes they are masterpieces, sometimes they are kneaded back into blobs and reformed and reconsidered. Often I have more opinions than sense..there will be times I share them and you will disagree, chances are I will read what I write in the months to come and I will be my worst dissenter. But I think thoughts, ideas, opinions and stories should be written down, discussed, argued over and listened to. So here are mine. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. "Often I have more opinions than sense" - I'm with you on that one. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!!