Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Confessions

As I have perused blog after blog through the little blogspot hemisphere, I have enjoyed seeing certain days of the week assigned to specific topics. Coupon Fridays, Blog drawings Mondays, Makeover Saturday. Well here at Keeping Up with the Joneses, we will promote Wednesday Confessions. This will be a weekly exercise in getting to know each other better. A place where we can get things off our chests. Humor added is definitely a plus. Got something to get off your chest--well feel free, you are amongst friends.

In the spirit of kicking this off with a bang--I am going to confess something you all know-- I AM NOT A GOOD HOUSEKEEPER. I have neither the inclination nor the patience to be a housekeeper. This is a horrible problem when your current profession has the title "HOUSE WIFE", I prefer "Stay at Home MOM." You see housewife connotes there will be clean laundry, daily bed makings, breakfasts made with love and a happy morning spirit, and A square meal every night. I am afraid these things are often MIA in my house. As a stay at home MOM, I homeschool my children-and that is a messy business, I run from here to there and back again getting each child to their activities, I make bags of supplies and then I drop them on the floor, pick up the next bag of supplies and then move on to the the next thing. In my little head, stay at home Mom, allows me to be about the business of things non-cleaning-the-house related. Now before you start to question my logic...don't, mainly because there is no logic to question, it is just good old fashioned justifying that makes this title differential make any sense to absolutely no one but me. But it is true. I would much rather run 100 errands than spend one hour in cleaning my house. So I am currently looking for an ALICE (Brady style) for my life. Wouldn't that be grand? Where does one find one of those great blue dresses and white shoes?

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